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Hi, I am Channa Bankapur Coach Of Professional Mentor

I was a software developer for 10+ years in the industry. Currently, I am an associate professor for the last 5+ years at PES University, and a trainer at GoMaster programs. secured 99.97 percentile in GATE 2003 and pursued Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering at the prestigious department of Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science (IISC) Bangalore. I cleared technical interviews for the software development role in top tech companies including Google, Adobe Systems, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Yahoo, Trilogy, NVidia, Intel, Ittiam, SoftJin, Mistral Solutions and a few others. I interviewed over 100 candidates in the companies I was worked for including Google.

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Story - GoMaster Technologies

After our pilot program on placements training for the CS&E students of PES University during Jan-Apr 2019, our first public cohort was during Jul-Sep 2019. It was for 10 Sundays in the BHIVE co-working space in HSR Layout Bangalore. The positive feedback encouraged us to train the second Bangalore cohort during Oct-Dec 2019. The third public cohort during Jan-Mar 2020 was split into the Bangalore part and the remote-online part to let non-Bangaloreans join the program. We offered a comprehensive two-semester long program for the third-year CS&E students of PES University during Aug-Nov 2019 and Jan-Apr 2020. We did corporate training for Adobe Systems Bangalore and Noida during Oct-Nov 2019 on Problem-Solving Skills using Data Structures and Algorithms. We had a chance to conduct the training for three batches with consistently good feedback. Two corporate training programs for Adobe Systems which were scheduled in April and May 2020 got postponed indefinitely because of the pandemic.

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Enthusiastically architect corporate metrics via enterprise methodologies. Progressively extend distinctive process improvements rather.

I have taken the first batch of this program. Channa and Narasimha have loads of experience in them. Not just with the subject taught, but also how it is taught through their coaching experience. I was an amateur in problem-solving kind of coding questions, but now I am confident with the arsenal of techniques presented to me. It's an ocean of problems out there, but now I have a strong enough ship to steer thought it. The C language-programming intricacies presented with system design approaches were of great help to appreciate low-level programming concepts." "It was a great set of discussions through the course, I recommend it to anyone like me who is average in computer science and programming skills, but would like to up the game.


Avinash Ram, Bengaluru

10+ Years Experienced In Software Development

First of all thanks to Channa and Narasimha for providing me an opportunity to attend the course. I have around 10+ years of both S/W development and H/W related work experience. Though I have studied C, Data structures and Algorithms in my course work and comfortable with answering the questions related to these, I had difficulty in answering the interview questions from top tier MNCs where the expectation is to solve the problem using the Algorithms, keeping in mind the performance and the memory requirements. Through the course these concepts were taught very well, the approach to be followed to solve the problem, algorithms to be used, how to implement memory and space efficient solutions along with the system design concepts which gives an idea of the things to be considered while designing a scalable and distributed system while solving an open ended application. Overall, the course was a refresher as well as in depth coverage of the concepts of C, Data structures & Algorithms, problem solving and system design. The emphasis was given to learn the concepts and methodologies to apply and solve any kind of problems asked during the interviews. Both Channa and Narasimha are very resourceful with a good mixture of experience of Industry and academia with the passion for teaching. I would recommend these course to students in final years of their engineering who are preparing for their placements, people from industry experience ranging from 2 to 10+ years who are looking for refresher as well as an in-depth course and looking forward to appear for top tier MNCs interviews where the C, Data structures, Algorithms, problem solving and system design are crucial.

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Devaraj, Bengaluru

10+ Years Of Experience In Both Software Development And Hardware Design

Very helpful. Helped me think of problem solving in a new light. Main takeaway is that you can think of approaches to solve from multiple standard techniques rather than just one.

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Final Year B.Tech CS&E Student, PES University, Bengaluru

GoMaster classes have helped me develop a clearer and organised strategy for problem solving. Having the tools introduced to us really helped me though interview processes as well as coding tests. The instructors make it a point to encourage us to think and come to solutions on our own. The syllabus was framed in a way so as to introduce us to several interesting systems topics as well as develop better algorithmic problem solving skill. Definitely will recommend this course.

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Anjana Keshav Das, Bengaluru

Final Year B.Tech (CS&E) Studen

I liked spending Sundays in learning. Exposure to system design questions was something totally new for me and helpful because I'm applying for SDE-2 roles. Coming up with an advanced way of solving problems with simpler techniques like binary search, and solving DP problems with a reccurrence function was very helpful. I'm looking forward for the next level of this program and I'd like to join that.

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Sonam, Cisco Bengaluru

5+ Years Of Experienced In Software Developmen

I have seen a few questions and approaches which I have never seen before. I travel three hours for every weekend and I must say it's definitely worth it. For students in final year, who are looking for off campus placements too, this is a very good course to take.

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Sana, Mysore

Final Year B.Tech CS&E Student, Mysore

I travel 4-6 hours every Sunday to attend the program. From day 1, I felt very nice and the exposure is something that we couldn't find in our place. Attending these classes with all the effort is really worth it. Now when I compare the way I used to solve problems before attending this program, I have improved a lot in the way of solving problems. Even though we studied many topics discussed here in our B.Tech courses, we learnt the way they can be applied. In one of the classes, Channa sir derived an algorithm and we realized we derived Floyd's, a popular algorithm. It was very nice to learn how a brute force approach, which is very inefficient, can lead to the most efficient algorithm like Floyd's algorithm.im

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Megha, Davanagere

Final Year B.Tech CS&E Student, BIET, Davanagere

Just the first class was enough to reel me in, I was sold. I went into the class skeptically and the first problem picked up was very trivial, must say I wasn't too excited about it but as the class progressed I was genuinely mind-blown and left the class awestruck and in amazement of how much I didn't know about the same trivial problem. Surprisingly, one of the questions asked in my Citrix interview was the same one solved in class and I was able to land an internship at Citrix.

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Final Year B.Tech CS&E Student, PES University, Bengaluru

This course completely redefines the thought process, gives the confidence to guide ourselves through any challenging problem. I strongly recommend taking this course before facing technical interviews. Both Problem Solving and OS helped me a lot during my interviews.

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Final Year B.Tech CS&E Student, PES University, Bengaluru

Great course. Helped me revise my computer science fundamentals before the placements. Cracking interviews involves soft skills too. Communicating with the interviewer is a key aspect which we were trained on. Thinking in terms of competitive programming is also an important aspect we were trained on.

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Sai Srikar

Final Year B.Tech CS&E Student, PES University, Bengaluru

Algorithms and systems topics are made extremely interesting and fun with amazing insight into the topics.

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Final Year B.Tech CS&E Student, PES University, Bengaluru