Course Content
Module 1
The whole course of 36 sessions (18 weeks) is broadly split into three modules. Module 1 (12 sessions) - Elementary
Module 2
(12 sessions) - Intermediate
Module 3
(12 sessions) - Advanced
Instructor-Led Online Live Training
About Lesson
  1. Recursive thinking from the first principles using Math Induction. 
  2. Tail Recursion and Tail Recursion Optimization
  3. Head Recursion and converting head recursive top-down algorithm to iterative bottom-up algorithm
  4. Analysis of recursive algorithms using Recursion Tree (and algebraic derivation)
  5. Divide-and-Conquer
  6. Quickselect
  7. DFS on Binary Trees and Binary Search Trees
  8. Graph Representation and Properties
  9. DFS on Graphs
  10. Breadth First Traversal
  11. Topological Sorting
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